WGRF Commits $500,000 to 10 New Research Projects

Through a continuing co-funding partnership with the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) and other producer commodity groups, Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) is pleased to announce over $500,000 of new funding for 10 crop-related research projects.

“Producers are committed to investing in agricultural research,” says WGRF Board Chair, Dave Sefton. “WGRF is pleased to be supporting 10 new promising research projects in almost all crops, that will likely lead to improved crop production for western Canadian producers. Co-funding partnerships like the one between WGRF and ADF help maximize the investment we as producers make. The WGRF Endowment Fund is used to fund crop research projects that benefit all producers through improved agricultural systems, technology and agronomic practices.”

Some of the projects receiving funding include: management of stored crops, improvement of flax and pulse varieties, enhancing blackleg resistance, investigating optimal inputs for lentils, integration of agronomy and breeding to reduce disease in fall rye.

A full listing of projects will be posted on the WGRF website once research contracts are in place.

“WGRF established this funding partnership with ADF in 2013,” said Garth Patterson, WGRF Executive Director. “Since that time WGRF has invested over $12.7 million into over 100 research projects in partnership with ADF and crop commissions. Our ability to reach out to and work with other research funders and grower groups is one of WGRF’s greatest strengths.”