Join WGRF in a Conversation on Changes in Crop Production and Implications for Research

As part of WGRF’s 40th Anniversary, we are reviewing our cross-cutting crop research funding priorities. We began in winter 2021 by gathering views on changes in crop production and the most pressing current and anticipated crop production issues affecting farmers.

WGRF contracted Dr’s. George Clayton and Stephen Morgan Jones to reach out to farmers, agronomists, scientists and industry for views on what western Canadian field crop production could look like in the short (5 year) and longer term (10- 20 years). This resulted in the Amaethon Report ‘Survey on Future Changes in Crop Production on Prairie Farms and Implications for Research’ 

Now we want to listen to your views on the implications for research (and the associated research questions) related to the cross cutting crop production issues identified in the Amaethon Report. WGRF considers “cross cutting issues” to be crop production issues common to at least two or more of the fifteen crops eligible for WGRF funding (barley, canaryseed, canola, chickpea, corn, fababean, flax, lentil, mustard, oats, pea, soybean, sunflower, wheat and winter cereals). Examples of cross cutting issues include, but are not limited to (soil health, herbicide resistance). WGRF also funds research on individual crops, however Crop Commissions/Associations provide the leadership for crop specific research priorities.

Please Join us at the Following Virtual Workshops:

Tuesday July 20th 9:00 AM to Noon (SK/AB Time): Crop and Soil Management (weeds, diseases, insects, plant nutrition)

Wednesday July 21st 9:00 AM to Noon (SK/AB Time): Precision Agriculture (variable rate, soil management zones, data)

Thursday July 22nd 9:00 AM to Noon (SK/AB Time): Sustainability (cropping systems, diversified crops, climate change)

Each workshop will consist of a plenary session by theme, followed by breakout discussions by sub-themes. Each breakout group will have a moderator and recorder. Participants will be asked to describe the research needs (questions) associated with the issues identified in the Amaethon Report. Participants will NOT be asked to prioritize the research, as WGRF will be doing this later, in consultation with member organizations.

Pre-registration is required. We encourage you to register for more than one day but you may only register and participate in one breakout sub-theme discussion per day. Please register here

The deadline to register is July 12, 2021, at Noon CST.

Although we hope to accommodate all registrants, we may need to limit participation if registration exceeds the capacity of our breakout groups. Please consider volunteering to help with the breakout groups. We hope you can join us.