WGRF In the News 2014

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Global news

New Projects to Strengthen Future for Canadian Agriculture – Global News Saskatoon, January 13, 2015

Real AG Crop Funding

More than $10 Million in Crop Research Funding Announced in Saskatoon – Real Agriculture.com, January 13, 2015

Grain News

The Wheat and Barley Check-off – Grainnews, January 12, 2015

CN Rail over

CN Rail over, CP under 2013-14 Maximum Revenue Entitlement – Manitoba Cooperator, January 9, 2015

Ab Farmer

Grain Research Funding Announced – Alberta Farm Express, December 24, 2014

Agronomy Geek

Looking Ahead by Taking Stock: Research Capacity in Western Canada – Real Agriculture.com, December 22, 2014


Real Ag Research Budget

WGRF Ramping Up Investment in Crop Research – Real Agriculture, December 1, 2014

WP Research Budget

WGRF Research Budget to hit $18 Million Next Year – Western Producer, November 27, 2014

SK Homepage Research Budget

$18 Million for Crop Research – Saskatoon Homepage, November 27, 2014

Country Guide

WGRF Investment Dollars in Research Making the Difference – Country Guide, October 2014



New research program focuses on agronomic practices – Western Producer, October 2014


Real Ag

WGRF Receives Federal Funding to Study Multi-Crop, Systems Approach to Crop Management – Real Agriculture.com, October 2014

Pembenia online

Federal Government Invests in Crop Research and Development – Pembina Valley Online, October, 2014


Harper Government Invests in Crop Research and Development – Yahoo Finance, October 2014


Double Haploid Wheat Initiative Syngenta website


WP Wheat Alliance

Canadian Wheat Alliance Signs Deal with Private Partners – Western Producer, October 2014


MB Corn Growers

Manitoba Corn Growers Association Research Investment


Agronomy Rules

Agronomy Rules – County Guide July 2014


Researchers keep eye on rye

Researchers Keep eye on rye – Western Producer, July 2014



Research Funds Hinge on Collaboration – Germination Magazine, July 2014 


U of S Wheat Genome
U of S Researchers Contribute to First Rough Draft of Wheat Genome – Usask.ca/News, July 2014

The Wild Side of Chickpeas – Country Guide July, 2014

Crop Chatter
Spring Wheat Varieties Response to Fusarium Head Blight – Cropchatter.com, July 2014 

Western Producer June 04
Partners Pool $90M to Fund Food, Fish Research – Western Producer, June 2014

National Sunflower Association
Funding Sunflower Variety Development – National Sunflower Association of Canada, June 2014

Western Producer Junev2 04
Funding Body Looking for Genetic Research Projects – Western Producer, June 2014
Genome Canada
Genomics and Feeding the Future – Genome Canada, June 2014

Canary Seed
Not Just for the Birds – Country Guide, June 2014
Rural Roots
Indepth: National Barley Research Cluster, Ruralrootscanada.com, May 2014
WGRF: Farmers’ Investment, CTV Farmgate, May 2014
Glyphosate Resistant
Glyphosate Resistant Kochia Confirmed – PortageOnline.com, April 2014
Barley Country
National Barley Research Cluster Ready to Take Barley to Next Level – Barley Country,  April 2014
Alberta Farm Express
Big Changes Coming to Plant Breeding – Alberta Farmer Express, April 2014 

Western Producer March
Groups Join Western Grains Research Foundation – Western Producer, March 2014
Manitoba Cooperator
WGRF Asking Farmers big Funding Questions – Manitoba Cooperator, March 2014
2 year wheat and barley
A Two-Year Review of the Wheat & Barley Check-off – Real Agriculture.com, February 2014
Western Producer Jan
Research Foundation Identifies Need for Agronomy Work – Western Producer, January 2014
Portage Online
WGRF to Review Agronomy Research Capacity – PortageOnline.com, January 2014 
Wheat game Changer
Wheat’s “Game Changers” – GrainsWest,com, January 2014
Global News
Governments Invest $7 Million into Crop Research – Global News, January 2014