WGRF to Receive Payment from CP Rail

The Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) is set to receive approximately $1.3 Million from the Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CP). The Canadian Transportation Agency ruled that the revenues of the CP for the movement of Western grain had exceeded its revenue cap for crop year 2010-2011. The Agency has also ruled that the revenues from grain transportation of the Canadian National Railway Company (CN) for the same period were below its cap. CP’s grain revenue of $443,822,775 was $1,252,034 above its revenue cap of $442,570,741.CN’s grain revenue of $508,403,510 was $913,447 below its cap of $509,316,957.

The news release on the ruling is available from the Canadian Transportation Agency website at www.cta-otc.gc.ca.

Under the Canada Transportation Act, amounts received by the railways for grain movement in excess of the revenue cap are paid into the WGRF Endowment Fund. The interest earned on the Endowment Fund is used to support research on all crop types. It should be noted that the WGRF Endowment Fund is completely separate from funds collected on the wheat and barley check-offs.