WGRF Scholarship Winners Announced

Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) is pleased to announce that the University of Saskatchewan has selected Colleen Redlick and Andrea De Roo as this year’s recipients of the WGRF Graduate Scholarships.

The WGRF Graduate Scholarships are open to students completing a masters or Ph.D. in some aspect of crop research and are administered on a rotating between the University of Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Each university receives $100,000 every three years and can choose to fund one Ph.D. student for three years or two Master students for two years.

“Investments like the WGRF Graduate Scholarships allow us to recognize our students who are working on research that will help producers and the agriculture sector,” said Dr. Mary Buhr, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the University of Saskatchewan. “We are sincerely grateful to WGRF for establishing these generous scholarships that encourage and support our future agriculture leaders.”

The main focus of Colleen’s research is on developing an integrated weed management strategy for producers dealing with herbicide resistant weeds in lentil. “I am from a Saskatchewan grain farm,” said Colleen. “It’s a great honour to be receiving and award from an organization that is farmer funded. I hope that my MSc research and the career I aspire to have in crop research will benefit prairie farmers.”

Andrea’s research focuses on the biological attributes of six Canadian cleaver populations, and how these characteristics influence their competitive ability with crops. By understanding how cleavers have become such a difficult weed to control, we can later develop a variety of agronomic practices to control it. “I feel honored to be receiving the WGRF scholarship,” said De Roo. “Not only does it help support my goals as an agricultural scientist, but it also supports research that will be beneficial to grain producers around the world. I am very excited to see what this project grows into and greatly appreciate the support of the WGRF and the western Canadian producers they represent.”

“The WGRF Endowment Fund Graduate Scholarships helps and encourage top students to further their studies in crop research,” said Dave Sefton of Broadview Saskatchewan and WGRF Board Chair. “Having highly trained specialists in crop research is essential to generate improved technology and productivity for western Canadian producers.”


For further information, contact:

Mike Espeseth
Communications Manager
Western Grains Research Foundation