WGRF Response to Agriculture Research Disruptions Due to COVID-19

The Western Grains Research Foundation is continuing to operate and fund crop research during the COVID-19 crisis. WGRF will cooperate with research organizations and funding partners to adapt to disruptions in agriculture research due to COVID-19. We will support decisions made by researchers, institutions, and funding partners to safely achieve research deliverables for ongoing and new research projects.

Current/Ongoing Research Projects:

  • Research organizations should contact all funding parties as soon as possible to discuss contract amendments for delays in research due to COVID-19;
  • WGRF will be flexible with reporting deadlines and project terms, however payments will continue to be conditional upon receipt of acceptable financial statements and research reports;
  • Amendments will be considered on a project by project basis once research organizations have confirmed plans for 2020.  Amendments may include adjustments to project end date, milestones, reporting dates and payment schedules;
  • To maximize efficiency, WGRF will only execute amendments when the researcher, institution and funding partners have come to consensus regarding any changes.

New Research Projects:

  • Amendments to new projects with contracts in place (but research not yet started) will follow the process used for current/ongoing projects (described above);
  • Research organizations which have received approval letters for research funding for new projects, but without a signed contract in place, will be contacted by WGRF to determine if the project can proceed as approved. If modifications are required, WGRF will collaborate with the researcher, research organization, and funding partners to reconsider the contract terms.