WGRF Invests $2.7 Million in New Project Funding

Through a co-funding partnership with the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) and other producer commodity groups, Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) is pleased to announce $2.7 million of new funding towards 26 crop-related research projects.

The WGRF Endowment Fund is used to fund crop research projects that benefit all producers through improved agricultural systems, technology and agronomic practices.

“Co-funding partnerships between ADF and producer commodity groups help maximize the investment producers make in crop research,” said WGRF Board Chair, Dave Sefton.

Some of the projects receiving funding include: The insect disinfection of stored grains using radio frequency, strategies for Fusarium in cereals, improving nitrogen fixation of peas, and weed control practices. WGRF is working to leverage Endowment Fund investment by co-funding with provincial agriculture funding bodies, producer commodity organizations and within the Growing Forward 2 AgriInnovation Program framework.

“Rather than do a separate WGRF direct call for proposals, this process makes better use of everyone’s expertise and time,” said Garth Patterson, WGRF Executive Director. “WGRF is the only producer-led organization that sees all these proposals across western Canada; our goals is to make WGRF a forum where producer organizations can come together to direct and fund research on a western Canadian basis.”