WGRF Commits $1.4 Million to 9 New Research Projects

Through a continuing co-funding partnership with the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) and other producer commodity groups, Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) is pleased to announce over $1.4 Million of new funding for 9 crop-related research projects.

“WGRF’s funding is about benefitting western Canadian crop growers,” says WGRF Board Chair, Dave Sefton. “WGRF is pleased to be supporting 9 new research projects through this partnership. We know the knowledge and tools these projects will provide are vital for our continued success as producers.”

Some of the projects receiving funding include: Pest monitoring and disease management, accelerating cropping production systems, nutrient management, soil health, fertilizer recommendations and genomic tools.

A full listing of projects will be posted on the WGRF website once research contracts are in place. More than 400 WGRF funded research projects are listed on westerngrains.com.

“WGRF is focused on providing leadership in funding cropping systems research,” said Garth Patterson, WGRF Executive Director. “These 9 new projects fit very well in with our funding criteria and will help to improve the diversity and sustainability of western Canadian cropping systems. In addition, the federal and provincial funding to the Crop Development Centre compliments core funding provided by WGRF and other producer organizations.”