WGRF Celebrates 35th Anniversary

In 1981, a group of farmers got together to form the Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF). These farmers were united by a single purpose, to invest in field crop research that would benefit western Canadian farmers. Thirty-five years later, with annual an investment of more than $19 million in 2015, WGRF has become the largest producer funder of variety development and field crop research in Canada.

As a tribute to the 35th anniversary of WGRF, a magazine was created to celebrate the many current and past accomplishments of the organization. A copy of the magazine can be found here

“I would like to thank those farmers who came together in 1981 and had the vision to create WGRF and make all of this possible,” says WGRF Board Chair Dave Sefton of Broadview, Saskatchewan. “As producers we should be very proud of the tremendous investments we have made in our industry. Over $125 million has been invested into variety development and field crop research since 1981, and farmers’ bottom lines have benefited.  As you read through the magazine, take note that these projects were made possible, in part, because of producer funding.”

 “WGRF has experienced a lot of growth lately, three-fold actually in research investments the last five years,” says, Garth Patterson, WGRF Executive Director. “Our ability to reach out to and work with other research funders and grower groups is a key part of WGRF’s future. Farmers can look forward to stable funding out of the Endowment Fund. We can be at the table now to fund longer-term research that could have enormous benefits for them.”

Original WGRF Board of Directors:

Harry Patching – Alberta Wheat Pool
William Strath – Manitoba Pool Elevators
Lorne Parker – Manitoba Farm Bureau
Maurice Cheveldayoff – Flax Growers Western Canada
Garf Stevenson – Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
Glenn Flaten – Canadian Federation of Agriculture
Lorne Christopherson – Prairie Rapeseed Growers Council
Patrick McCarthy – Western Barley Growers Association
James Wright – Palliser Wheat Growers
William. Marshall – Sask. Federation of Agriculture
Roy Piper – United Grain Growers
Ron Leonhardt – Unifarm