Strong Producer Support of Check-Offs for Research

“75% of producers believe that the wheat and barley check-offs are important to producers for variety research according to a recent survey of western Canadian farmers,” says Garth Patterson, Executive Director of the Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF).

Overall, producers surveyed have a positive perception of WGRF and highly value farmer directed agricultural research. “In fact, 89% of producers believe it is important to have a research oriented organization like WGRF,” says Patterson.

Through the wheat and barley check-offs and the Endowment Fund WGRF invested over $6.3 million dollars into breeding and crop production research on behalf of producers in western Canada last year. “WGRF prides itself on being producer funded and directed and as an organization, it is great to hear such positive feedback from producers” said Garth Patterson, WGRF Executive Director.

The survey also shows support to increase investment in wheat, as evident by the fact that 65% of producers agree that increased funding of wheat breeding is important to increasing wheat profitability for farmers. There is also strong support by producers for an increase in both public (84%) and private (68%) wheat breeding.

Top research priorities listed in the survey included improving disease and pest resistance management, and the development of higher yielding varieties. “WGRF would like to thank the producers who participated in the survey” says Patterson. “The information collected will help WGRF with our research investments and our efforts to collaborate with private industry.”

In March WGRF contracted Insightrix Research to conduct a telephone survey of 600 wheat and barley producers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. WGRF was interested in gauging producer’s awareness, understanding and opinions of WGRF, the wheat and barley check-offs and research priorities. To see a full copy of the survey results, and learn more about WGRF please visit our NEW WEBSITE at www.westerngrains.com or stop by our booth at the Farm Progress Show next week located in Banner Hall.

WGRF Producer Survey Results

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The Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) is a farmer funded and directed non-profit organization investing primarily in wheat and barley variety development to benefit western Canadian producers. Through investments of over $60 million WGRF has assisted in the development and release of more than 110 new wheat and barley varieties over the past decade and a half, many of which are today seeded to large portions of the cropland in Western Canada. WGRF also invests in research on other western Canadian crops through the Endowment fund. Since 1981 the Endowment Fund has supported a wealth of innovation across Western Canada providing over $26 million in funding for over 230 research projects.