Testing new open pollinated varieties of fall rye and advancing elite winter durum for the Canadian prairies

Posted on 27.09.2023 | Last Modified 27.09.2023
Lead Researcher (PI): Raja Ragupathy
Institution: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Total WGRF Funding: $125,702
Co-Funders: Agriculture Development Fund, Alberta Wheat Commission, Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, Secan
Start Date: 2023
Project Length: 3 Years

Evaluate yield performance and agronomic superiority of fall rye half sib progenies and advance the populations. Perform grain quality and disease testing of 25 winter durum populations. Generation advancement of winter durum populations (F2 to F6) and initiate new informed crosses. Characterize novel haplotypes underlying cold tolerance in fall rye, and winter durum using arrays.