Preparation of canola protein concentrates and incorporation in salmonid (trout and salmon) diets

Posted on 05.03.2020 | Last Modified 05.03.2020
Lead Researcher (PI): Sandra McCurdy
Institution: POS Pilot Plant Corp.
Total WGRF Funding: $21,000
Co-Funders: Agriculture Development Fund, Canbra Foods, Inc, CSP Foods, United Oilseed Processors Ltd, Western Economic Diversification
Start Date: 1988
Project Length: 2 Years

To study methods of processing canola meal to improve its performance in fish feeds. To process commercial and low heat canola meals to reduce fiber content and increase protein content by tempering, milling, and sieving. To process fiber-reduced meals to reduce glucosinolates, sinapine, phytate, and carbohydrates by washing with selected solvents. To conduct feeding trials with the processed canola meals using trout and salmon.