Monitoring the canola flower midge with pheromone-baited traps

Posted on 22.02.2021 | Last Modified 22.02.2021
Lead Researcher (PI): Boyd Mori
Institution: University of Alberta
Total WGRF Funding: $64,338
Co-Funders: Alberta Canola Producers Commission, Manitoba Canola Growers Association, Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission
Start Date: 2020
Project Length: 5 Years

Determine the factors effecting pheromone-baited trap capture of male canola flower midge. Determine the relationship between the number of midges captured on pheromone traps, larval density an damage in the field. Determine the abiotic conditions that effect midge emergence and population densities. Investigate the emergence pattern, longevity and oviposition behavior of the canola flower midge.