Management of lentil diseases in western Canada

Posted on 05.03.2020 | Last Modified 05.03.2020
Lead Researcher (PI): Robin Morrall
Institution: University of Saskatchewan
Total WGRF Funding: $110,000
Co-Funders: None
Start Date: 1988
Project Length: 3 Years

To develop lentil cultivars with improved resistance to ascochyta blight. To continue filling the gaps in knowledge of the epidemiology and control of ascochyta blight of lentil, specifically by: i) determining the longevity of the pathogen in the field on plant residues and in the soil, ii) studying the effects of desiccants on quality and percent ascochyta infection of seed, iii) assessing the possibility of disease control through seed treatment. To investigate the possibility that post-emergent herbicides affect the development of ascochyta blight in crops. To initiate a study of the importance in Manitoba of a new lentil disease caused by Colletotrichum truncatum.