Insecticide susceptibility and resistance monitoring of flea beetles in canola

Posted on 14.02.2022 | Last Modified 14.02.2022
Lead Researcher (PI): Boyd Mori
Institution: University of Alberta
Total WGRF Funding: $73,736
Co-Funders: Alberta Canola Producers Commission, Bayer Crop Science, Results Driven Agriculture Research, Syngenta
Start Date: 2021
Project Length: 3 Years

Survey susceptibility of striped and crucifer flea beetles to neonicotinoids and non-neonic insecticides across prairies. Survey susceptibility levels of striped and crucifer flea beetles to pyrethroids. Sequence and annotate the genomes and transcriptomes of the striped and crucifer flea beetles. Investigate the mechanisms of tolerance of striped flea beetles to neonic insecticides