Ecology and host-pathogen variability of anthracnose and ascochyta blight of lentil

Posted on 05.03.2020 | Last Modified 05.03.2020
Lead Researcher (PI): Robin Morrall
Institution: University of Saskatchewan
Total WGRF Funding: $105,000
Co-Funders: None
Start Date: 1991
Project Length: 3 Years

To study the distribution, epidemiology and control of lentil anthracnose by surveying the incidence and severity of the disease in the west, by studying the agronomic factors that lead to severe epidemics, continuing to investigate chemical control and screening germplasm for sources of resistance. To investigate the variability in lentil and Ascochyta fabae to determine if distinct pathogenic races of the fungus exist, if they show differential virulence on host cultivars, and to predict whether the pathogen population may adapt to resistant cultivars.