Digital imaging technology to characterize herbicides symptomology and to discriminate herbicide-resistant weed biotypes

Posted on 19.01.2023 | Last Modified 19.01.2023
Lead Researcher (PI): Keshav Dev Singh
Institution: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Total WGRF Funding: $484,999
Co-Funders: None
Start Date: 2022
Project Length: 3 Years

Characterizing the symptomology of different herbicide groups in crops to mitigate the potential negative impacts in the agro ecosystem. Response of different herbicides to dry down of lentils, specially organic acid performance with respect to chemical desiccants. Identification of herbicide-resistant and susceptible weed biotypes (e.g., kochia) prior to in crop herbicide application. Develop useful tools and associated algorithms to analyze herbicides effect and improve weed management practices.