Development of baseline data for incidence and levels of ochratoxin in milling quality cereal grains intended for processing in Canada; development of a preferred sampling and laboratory analysis protocol for detection and quantification of ochratoxin A in milled cereal

Posted on 23.03.2017 | Last Modified 07.05.2019
Researchers: Gordon Harrison; Stephen, Dennis
Institution: Canada Grains Council
Total WGRF Funding: $120,000
Co-Funders: Canada Grains Council
Start Date: 2011
Project Length: 3 Years

The objectives of this project are to 1) assemble a baseline database to establish incidence and observed levels of OTA and DON present in deliveries of milling quality wheat and oats to Canadian based processors, 2) develop operating characteristic curves for OTA for each of the flour classes of grain studies to enable application day to day use of these curves to manage acceptance and rejection of shipments, 3) illustrate the correlation between commercially available ELISA analysis and commercially available HPLC and/or LC/MS, and 4) illustrate, if it exists, seasonal variation (during the crop year) in OTA and DON levels present in grain shipments to Canadian wheat and oat mills