Continuing studies on intercropping for increasing yield and quality of grain and forage crops, and improving soil quality

Posted on 22.02.2021 | Last Modified 22.02.2021
Lead Researcher (PI): Myriam Fernandez
Institution: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Total WGRF Funding: $253,380
Co-Funders: Prairie Oat Growers Association
Start Date: 2020
Project Length: 4 Years

To determine if there are agronomic and/or economic benefits of intercropping or living mulch crops to the subsequent crop in the following growing season. This includes examining weed pressure, N benefit from legumes, disease pressure, and grain yields and quality. In addition, 1) growth and nutrient uptake models will be developed to determine optimum intercrop ratios and 2) intra-specific competition for nutrients and soil moisture will be quantified for different seeding ratios.