Characterizing nanomaterial penetration in cutworms as part of next generation Smart Crop Technology (SCT) development

Posted on 19.01.2023 | Last Modified 19.01.2023
Lead Researcher (PI): Justin Pahara
Institution: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Total WGRF Funding: $40,125
Co-Funders: Alberta Innovates, Alberta Wheat Commission, Results Driven Agriculture Research, Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission
Start Date: 2022
Project Length: 2 Years

To discover nanomaterial (NM) characteristics that drive penetration in cutworms. To understand the impact of soil on NM migration, NM stability and molecular delivery efficacy. To establish environmental health and safety research stream to mitigate regulatory barriers during downstream commercialization. The primary goal of this project is to initiate research and development on inorganic molecular delivery technology for cutworms. This proposed project extends upon ongoing nano-carrier research, with the long-term goal of creating next generation smart crop technology.